Buying a Home or Property

Buying a new home or property? How We Can Help

You’ve found the perfect investment property, or the home of your dreams.  Buying a new home or property can be exciting and yet stressful.  We aim to remove the stress and keep the excitement in the transaction, from the moment you contact us until contacting you with the ultimate cream on top, settlement confirmation.

As PEXA subscribers we are able to undertake settlement electronically, providing you with the ability to receive updates electronically on your settlement progress, through the PEXA Key app on the Apple Store or on the Google Play Store.

Upon receipt of your instructions, Contract and Section 32 we review the documents to ensure the Contract and Section 32 contain all the necessary information.

Our correspondence to you will outline any restrictive covenants, encumbrances, special conditions and explain thoroughly the process leading up to settlement.

Our Conveyancing Services

Contract review, before you sign.  Provide advice on items that need to be considered

Liaising with Brokers/Bankers to provide any documentation to assist with your Loan Approval

Preparing and signing the Transfer of Land on your behalf in PEXA

Obtaining searches from the relevant authorities and reviewing

Verification of Identity

Preparing the Duties online application with State Revenue office for stamp duty purposes. Including applying for any applicable concessions you may be entitled to.

Preparing Nomination documents, if required

Compilation of Statement of Adjustment of all relevant rates and taxes

Arranging settlement with all relevant parties

Stamping and lodging documents

Notifying all relevant authorities of the change of ownership

Contract Signed?

If you’ve already signed the Contract, we highly recommend you Contact us immediately.  If a 3 day cooling off period is applicable we can provide advice in case you wish to exercise your right to cool off.

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We would love to hear from you. If you are starting your buying or selling journey, get in touch with us today. 

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