Selling a Home or Property

Selling – How We Can Help

If you are selling your home or investment property, we will ensure it is an efficient and seamless process for you.

We will send you a detailed instruction sheet for you to complete, providing us with the information to enable us to prepare the Section 32 on your behalf.  The Section 32 will be promptly emailed to your Real Estate agent.

Once the Contract of Sale has been signed we will arrange the discharge of mortgage, caveats (where applicable) liaise with mortgagees, caveators, council and other authorities to ascertain final settlement figures.

Our Conveyancing Services

Searches for Section 32 (S32)

Auction Contracts

Completing S32 and providing to Real Estate Agent and or other parties if a private sale with no Real Estate Agent involved

Preparation of Section 27 – early release of deposit – if requested

Monitoring of Deposit monies paid, loan approvals and all relevant dates contained in the Contract of Sale

Preparation of State Revenue Office Duties online forms, including arranging execution.

Signing the Transfer of Land in PEXA

Providing necessary Discharge Authorities from the relevant mortgagee

Arranging settlement with mortgagee, caveators and purchaser

Verification of Identity

Trust account use, if required


Providing written confirmation of settlement to the Real Estate Agent and client

Notifying all relevant authorities of the change of ownership

Private Sale – without a Real Estate Agent

If you choose not to have a Real Estate Agent and carry out a private sale Ideal can assist with this.  Preparation and exchange of Contracts and the use of our Trust account.

Proprietorship/Related party transfers

There are times when a change in ownership is not based on a sale of the property.  If you need to transfer the ownership of a property, due to a refinance, a gift or relationship breakdown we can assist.

Is it time to sell?

We would love to hear from you. If you are starting your selling journey, get in touch with us today.

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